About Míla

Founded in 2007, Míla is the hub of most telecommunications in Iceland, connecting individuals and companies not only within the country, but also with the rest of the world.

The company’s specialties include the operation and consultancy of telecommunication systems, co-location leasing for information technology, and various other services related to telecommunication systems.

Míla’s core aim is to build up and operate the most modern telecommunication network possible in Iceland. Other telecommunication companies connect to this network through various solutions, and Míla’s function is to sell its solutions to these companies and institutions wishing to engage in telecommunication activities.

The company owns and operates a modern copper system, a fiberoptic cable and microwave system covering the entire country. Its telecommunications system is robust and diverse, based mainly on two systems: trunk network and access network.

In addition to this, Míla also operates an international network which connects Iceland to the rest of the world. Míla’s system can be likened to a telecommunications thoroughfare for voice telephones, cell phones, data transport, and television and radio broadcasts of other companies. Míla sells its products at wholesale to companies with telecommunications license.